Friday Mailbag - October 20, 2017: Plans for the the UGA-Florida Game

Question: Are you and your DC planning on heading down to Jacksonville for the UGA-Florida game this year? If so, what vehicle will you be taking and where will you be saying?

The short answer is yes, pending results of our fundraising campaign. My DC has a negative checking account balance and all of his credit cards are maxed out (not to mention a delinquency with Rent-a-Center), so he’s in need of some cash. As a result, we are attempting to pawn his girlfriend’s son’s dirt bike and baseball card collection and looking for the best offer we can find. 

If we go down, we will go in my aunt’s Corolla (I’m currently in between cars). There’s virtually no chance my DC’s white Chrysler Lebaron could make it down there and back, nor will I get in a car with him behind the wheel. 

Right now, the plan is to stay somewhere in Brunswick, Georgia, which is one of my favorite summer vacation destinations. I’ve stayed many times at the La Quinta there, and if there’s a better Golden Corral than the one on Golden Isles Plaza, I’m unaware of it. And the night life in Brunswick has got to be among the best in Southeast Georgia.  

On game day, we will go down to Jacksonville, get absolutely obliterated, and try to buy scalped tickets after kickoff to get the best deal possible. If all else fails, we’ll head to the Hooters at the Landing to watch the game and bark at Gator fans. If you are a Florida fan and see a somewhat rotund man with a combover and a beet red face and another man with a high and tight haircut, wraparound Oakleys, and a determined look, I’d recommend keeping your distance. Not going to lie - the odds of us making it back without someone getting arrested or injured seem very small, but life’s about living in the moment and assuming there won’t be a tomorrow. 

I will be tweeting updates throughout the whole trip, so keep an eye out.