Given my immense success as a youth football coaching legend, it was inevitable that Hollywood would come calling. On October 4, 2018, the world was forever changed when the first episode of the docuseries “Three Year Letterman,” which chronicles my youth football team’s trials and tribulations, was released on the Coach Letterman YouTube Channel. New episodes will be released every Thursday on the YouTube Channel and will be posted here. Watch the series that esteemed Twitter commenters have called “brilliant,” “no other documentary will be at this level,” and “I couldn’t help but watch with a determined look on my face.”

Episode One:

Three Year Letterman (S01 E01) - Coach Letterman finds himself lost when his DC gets into legal trouble one week before the draft. Unfortunately being an offensive genius doesn't qualify you to run the three time youth league champions stellar defense. Follow Coach on Twitter: @3yearletterman for practice updates and downfield tackle form.

Episode Two:

Coach Letterman puts his trust into Coach Neubert for this years youth league draft. But Coach Neubert has a new way of doing things.