My Book


“A Masterpiece”

- Amazon User Review 


On August 24, 2018, I released Determined Look: Life Lessons of a Youth Football Coaching Legend. It immediately became an Amazon bestseller in the Sports Humor category and received universal acclaim. Amazon reviewers hailed the book as “a masterpiece,” “pretty much the Holy Bible for today’s parents,” “a true literary accomplishment,” “inspirational,” “the Lord’s work,” “life changing,” and the “book of the year.” 

Over the course of twenty-eight chapters and ninety-two thrilling pages, I provide helpful tips on how you can improve as a youth football coach and as a human being in general. Chapters include, “How to Make the Shitty Kids Quit,” “How to Attend a High School Football Game and Post-Game Field Party in Style,” “Reconsidering Jonathan Moxon: How Varsity Blues Gave America its First Milennial,” and “How to Tactfully Interrupt a Theatre Performance to Announce a Georgia Football Commitment.” 

This revolutionary piece of literature is available on Amazon. It is $5 for the e-book/Kindle version and $10 for the paperback. If you purchase the paperback, you get the e-book for free. There’s also a free e-book sample available. Just click the Amazon link above. It’s the best investment you will ever make.