Friday Mailbag-October 13, 2017: Fashion for Attending a High School Football Game

Question: Being a man of such keen fashion sense, how do you typically dress for a high school football game? 


Excellent question, and very timely given that I’ll be attending a game at my old high school tonight. If you’re a multi-year letterman like me, you should always wear your letter jacket, regardless of the temperature. When you stand in the student section like I sometimes do or attend post-game field parties, it’s important to send a message to current students that you’re an alumni worthy of respect, not some special teams senior who only got a jacket because they give them to all seniors. If it’s so hot you’re worried about passing out, you can take the jacket off and tie the arms around your neck like people sometimes do with sweaters at country clubs. For cool, crisp evenings, I like to go with a black mock turtleneck underneath my old high school football jersey, freshly pressed black jeans, and white LA Gears. It is a refined, yet intimidating, look. For warmer evenings, I will usually wear a “No Fear” t-shirt tucked into said black jeans. And I always finish the look off with 7-8 pumps of Tim McGraw Southern Blend cologne, which, like a foghorn, announces my presence to all in attendance.