September 2, 2015: The Piccolo Player Returns and Finds a Role Playing "The Rains of Castamere"

As many of you know, the piccolo player's dad learned of a rule that allows a player to change teams if the kid's parents and both coaches consent and asked if he could transfer his son to another team because of fundamental disagreements with how I run my team. I eagerly agreed. Apparently the league got wind of this and now the assistant to the league director is trying to put a stop to it. I just got off the phone with him, and he's come up with some interpretation of the rule that it's only meant to apply where there is some practical reason that a kid needs to change teams -- it's not for where there are personality conflicts. Apparently there was some concern I would “abuse” the rule just to get rid of players I didn’t want. So they are not letting the piccolo player change teams, and he returned to practice tonight.

I've now pretty much given up on the kid quitting because his dad is insisting that the kid keep playing and I've exhausted about every technique I have for running kids/parents off, so I'm trying to make the best of it. My DC actually had the idea of having him play the song “Rains of Castamere” from Game of Thrones (my DC kept calling it the "Castle Rains" song, so it took some time before I finally understood what the hell he was referring to) at midfield before kickoff to intimidate the other team. I discussed it with the piccolo player tonight and he was very excited about it. The only thing is that he wasn't familiar with the song or with Game of Thrones in general, so I instructed him to search for the Game of Thrones Red Wedding scene on youtube tonight and watch it a few times. He's supposed to be a music prodigy (a fact I've reminded the other players countless times during bull in the ring or Oklahoma drills) and can learn music by ear. I also told him there was no way in hell any player of mine was going near a woodwind while in uniform, but he said he can play the violin as well so we are all set. 

Once you get to know him, the piccolo player is actually a very smart, articulate, and personable kid and a hell of a good student. Unfortunately he absolutely sucks at football and calls classic music his "true passion," so it's hard to imagine his life turning out very well, which is a shame.