March 3, 2015: My DC Nearly Gets Fired for Making a Kid do "Up and Downs"

Sometimes I wonder if I was not made for the present times, and today is one of those days.

This morning, my friend the DC was doing his job as the crossing guard for the local elementary school. He takes the job very seriously (he wears a short sleeve button up shirt and tie for the job every day even though there is no dress code and he has a propensity to sweat profusely) and demands strict compliance with the rules at all times.  Apparently he had traffic stopped and was waving kids across the street, but some 4th grader was goofing off with his friend and didn't see that he was supposed to walk.  To make an example of the kid and teach him a little respect, my DC grabbed him by the collar, pulled him to the middle of the street, and made him do 40 up and downs.  When he was finished, he made the kid apologize to the drivers who had to wait for him to get done.  So all in all, a great story about a valuable life lesson.

Unfortunately, the kid's parents complained to the school administration, and the principal called my DC and told him that he would be fired if something like that happened again.  I am trying to get confirmation as we speak, but I think the odds are VERY high this kid was on some team whose ass we kicked last fall.