February 17, 2015: My youth football team's DC just got hired as an elementary school crossing guard.

As some of you know, my DC recently applied for some jobs with the local school system to assist with recruiting for our youth football team and make some extra cash. He didn't get hired as a bus driver (I knew the school system's liability insurer wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot pole), but he just got word he's the new crossing guard at the elementary school.

It will be great to have someone on the ground floor to observe these kids daily and get a sense of which ones have the right attitude for our team. Plus, he can still work as a security guard at Lowe's and will switch to just working weekends at Sonic. It's truly amazing how far he's come in the last 15 months. I doubt anyone who saw him passed out in the bushes (or getting pulled out by the cops and handcuffed) at Hardee's at lunchtime on that cool November day would have ever predicted he'd be here.