October 6, 2015: We Recruit the DT with the Rat Tail at Kmart


[Note - This is from 2015. The reference to the Gurley suspension below refers to his 2014 "autograph" suspension] 

Yesterday, my DC started telling a patron at the Sonic where he works about our youth football team (he's been warned by his manager to stop this in the past after customer complaints, but to no avail), and the guy he was talking with gave him a tip about a potential defensive tackle recruit. The kid was in juvie and then suspended for the first month of school after he attacked a librarian at the end of last year. Evidently, he body slammed the librarian after being informed that the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series (he is not capable of reading the books, but is a big fan of the unforgettable and haunting illustrations) was checked out. Under league rules, players are ineligible to play during a suspension. But now he's back. 

My DC and I decided to set up a dinner meeting with this kid and his parents at the Kmart "Big K" cafe tonight. My DC had to keep a low profile given that he is banned from the store after last year, when the bender he went on after Todd Gurley's suspension involved him stumbling into Kmart, putting on a UGA #3 jersey and helmet, and making a scene in the electronics section. The kid we were recruiting has a rat tail and honestly looks like he could be in middle school. In other words, he's a potential season-changer for us on the defensive line.

We went to the sports aisle afterwards to run a few drills and see how he fires off the ball, and he was incredibly impressive. Learning the playbook could definitely be a challenge, but if we can get this kid to halfway know what he's doing, we could have a devastating force on our hands. Can't wait to see how he performs on Thursday.